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For our parishioners and visitors who wish to view our live streaming videos you may select them from the links on this page. The matching bulletins for the services are also available on this page.  Thank you for worshiping with us. May our time together fill you with the Joy of our living Christ.

We stream our services live both on this site Live Services and on Facebook (which should have captions) Facebook



Bulletins for the selected Worship Services are available as a PDF or a word doc. Select the desired date and format.

5/19/2024 Bulletin word5/19/2025 Bulletin pdf

5/12/2024 Bulletin word5/12/2024 Bulletin pdf

5/5/2024 Bulletin word5/5/2024 Bulletin pdf

4/28/2024 Bulletin word4/28/2024 bulletin pdf

4/21/2024 Bulletin word4/21/2024 Bulletin pdf

4/14/2024 Bulletin word4/14/2024 Bulletin pdf

4/7/2024 Bulletin word4/7/2024 Bulletin pdf

3/31/2024 Bulletin word3/31/2024 Bulletin pdf

3/24/2024 Bulletin word3/24/2024 Bulletin pdf

3/17/2024 Bulletin word3/17/2024 Bulletin pdf

3/10/2024 Bulletin word 3/10/2024 Bulletin pdf

3/3/2024 Bulletin word 3/3/2024 Bulletin pdf

2/25/2024 Bulletin word2/25/2021 Bulletin pdf

2/18/2024 Bulletin word2/18/2024 Bulletin pdf

2/4/2024 Bulletin word2/4/2024 Bulletin pdf

1/28/2024 Bulletin word1/28/2024 Bulletin pdf

1/21/2024 Bulletin word1/21/2024 Bulletin pdf

1/14/2024 Bulletin Word1/14/2024 Bulletin pdf

1/7/2024 Bulletin word1/7/2024 Bulletin pdf

12/31/2023 Bulletin word12/31/2023 Bulletin pdf

12/24/2023 Christmas Eve Bulletin Word12/24/2023 Christmas Eve pdf

12/24/2023 4 Advent word12/24/2023 Bulletin 4 Advent pdf

12/17/2023 Bulletin word12/17/2023 Bulletin pdf

12/10/2023 Bulletin Word12/10/2023 Bulletin pdf

12/3/2023 Bulletin word12/3/2023 Bulletin pdf

11/19/2023 Bulletin word11/19/2023 Bulletin pdf

11/12/2023 Bulletin word11/12/2023 Bulletin pdf

11/5/2023 Bulletin word11/5/2023 bulletin pdf

10/29/2023 Bulletin word10/09/2023 bulletin pdf

10/22/2023/Bulletin doc10/22/2023 Bulletin pdf

10/15/2023 Bulletin word10/15/2023 Bulletin pdf

10/8/2023 Bulletin word10/8/2023 Bulletin pdf

10/1/2023 Bulletin word10/1/2023 Bulletin pdf

9/24/2023 Bulletin word9/24/2023 Bulletin pdf

9/17/2023 Bulletin word9/17/2023 Bulletin pdf

9/10/2023 Bulletin word9/10/2023 Bulletin pdf

9/3/2023 Bulletin word9/3/2023 Bulletin pdf

8/27/2023 Bulletin word8/27/2023 Bulletin pdf

8/20/2023 Bulletin word8/20/2023 Bulletin pdf

8/13/2023 Bulletin word8/13/2023 Bulletin PDF

8/6/2023 Bulletin word8/6/2023 Bulletin pdf

7/302023 bulletin word 7/30/2023 bulletin pdf

Pr. Rich Installation July 29, 2023

7/23/2023 Bulletin word7/23/2023 bulletin pdf

7/16/2023 Bulletin word7/16/2023 Bulletin pdf

7/9/2023 Bulletin word7/9/2023 Bulletin pdf

6/25/2023 Bulletin word6/25/2023 Bulletin pdf

6/18/2023 Bulletin word6/18/2023 Bulletin pdf

6/11/2023 Bulletin word6/11/2023 Bulletin pdf

6/4/2023 Bulletin word6/4/2023 Bulletin pdf

5-28-2023 Bulletin word 5-28-2023 Bulletin pdf

5-21-2023 Bulletin word5-21-2023 Bulletin pdf

5-1-2023 Mother's Day word5-14-2023 Mothers' Day pdf

5-7-2023 Bulletin word5-7-2023 Bulletin pdf

4-30-2023 Bulletin word3-30-2023 Bulletin pdf

4-23-2023 Bulletin word4=23=2023 Bulletin pdf

4-16-2023 Bulletin word4-16-2023 Bulletin pdf

Easter 2023 wordEaster 2023 pdf

Good Friday 2023 wordGood Friday 2023 pdf

Maunday Thurs. 2023 wordMaundy Thurs.2023 pdf

Palm-Pasion Sun 24-1-2023 wordPalm-Passion Sun 4-2-2023 pdf

Click Here3-26-2023 word3-26-2023 Bulletin pdf

3-19-2023 Bulletin word 3-19-2023 Bulletin pdf

3-12-2023 Bulletin word3/12/2023 Bulletin pdf

3-5-2023 Bulletin word3-5-2023 Bulletin pdf

2-26-2023 Bulletin word2-26-2023 Bulletin pdf

2-19-2023 Bulletin word2-19-2023 Bulletin pdf

2-12-2023 Bulletin word2=12=2023 Bulletin pdf

2-5-2023 Bulletin word2=5=2023 Bulletin pdf

1=29=2023=wordClick Here1-29-2023 pdf

1-22-2023 Bulletin word2-5-2023 Bulletin word1-22-2023 Bulletin pdf

1/1/2023 Bulletin 1st Sun Christmas word1/1/2023 Bulletin 1st Sun Christmas pdf

Christmas Day 2022 wordChristmas Day 2022 pdf

Christmas Eve 2022 wordChristmas Eve 2022 pdf

4th Sun Advent 12-18-2022-word4th Sun Advent 12-18-2022 pdf

3rd Sun Advent 12-11-2022 word3rd Sun Advent 12-11-2022 pdf

2nd Sun Advent 12-4-2022 word2nd Sun Advent 12-4-2022 pdf

1st Sun Advent 11-27-2022 word1st Sun Advent 11-27-22 pdf

Christ the King 11-20-2022 wordChristthe King 11-20-2022 pdf

23rd Sun aft Pentecost 11-13-2022 word23rd Sun aft Pentecost 11-13-2022 pdf

All Saints Sun 11-6-2022 wordAll Saints Sun 11-6-2022 pdf

Reformation Sunday 10/30/2022 wordReformation Sunday 10/30/2022 pdf

20th Sun aft Pentecost 10-23-2022 word20th Sun aft Pentecoast 10-23-2022 pdf

19Sun Aft Pentecost 10.16.2022 word19th Sun aft Pentecost 10.16.2022 pdf

18th Sun aft Pentecost 10-9-2022 word18th Sun aft Pentecost 10-9-2022 pdf

17Sun aft Pentecost 10-2-2022 word17 Sun afr Pentecost 10-2-2022 pdf

16th Sun afr Pentecost 9-25-2022 word16th Sun afr Pentecost 9-25-2022 pdf

15th Sun afr Pentecost 9-18-2022 word15th Sun afr Pentecost 9-18-2022 pdf

14th Sun afr Pentecost 9-11-2022 word14th Sunafr Pentecost 9-11-2022 pdf

13th Sun afr Pentecost 9-4-2022 woer13th Sun afr Pentecost 9-4-2022 pdf